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(pdf 143 KB)The Pre-School

Birchgrove Preschool is part of Birchgrove Public School and is located in the lower part of the school playground. One of the original Department of Education and Communities preschools, the preschool has been operating since the late 1940's.


Preschool Philosophy (pdf 251 KB)

Preschool fees (pdf 68 KB)

Preschool Hand Book

    This contains most information needed about our preschool with a hand contents page at the front.



Enrolment 2021

To comply with National Standards Birchgrove will offer a 3 Day/ 2 Day alternate semesters program.

Example: Term 1 & 2 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday Friday

Term 3 & 4 Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

If your choice is three days for Terms 1 & 2 two days only will be offered in Terms 3 & 4

2021 Hours: Monday to Friday 9am till 2:45pm. There are no before and aftercare services for preschool. The preschool is closed for school holidays, public holidays and two cleaning days a year.

Enrolment: The preschool has an enrolment of 80 children over the five days, with classes of 20 children in each. (Preschool Enrolment). In order to attend, a child must turn four before 1st August in the year of attendance.

Waiting List: Children may be placed on the waiting list in the year before they are to attend.

Attendance: Children attend for one year only, the year before they go to school.

Meals: Children will need to bring lunch and morning and afternoon tea. Our school canteen has a preschool menu to allow parents to purchase these from the canteen if they wish.

Fees: To support families during these unprecedented times, the Department of Education and Communities has paused all mandatory preschool fees for 2022. 

A fee is set by the Department of Education and Communities. In 2020 the fee is $40 per day. In addition a daily voluntary donation of $5:00 is paid by parents to cover equipment.  In 2020 there is a new one-off payment for the whole year.

Tech levy                            $50

Sports Program                  $50

Incursion                             $ 6.00


Annual Cost                      $106.00

Plus the term fees as per the schedule 

Staff: The preschool is staffed by two qualified teachers and two teachers' aides.